Real Estate Agent
Pam went above and beyond "The Call of Duty" with our every need and request. We were a hard sell, Pam worked in an excellent way with us. Larry and I liked her attitude the first day we met her. -L/MP
An additional shout out to Marc Dempsey who was covering for Pam. He confidently jumped in, worked after hours and generously made himself available until Pam could take back over. -JK/JM
Pam has helped me purchase and sell several properties over the years. I trust her completely. She is hard working, a great communicator. Pan is great to work with. You won't find a better person or realtor than her! AA
Pam is an asset to #1 Properties. We will recommend her when we can. R/AC
Pam is a caring and responsible person, it was a relief not to have any concerns, knowing she would take of everything. MP
Pam did more than she had to for us. Even after the sale of the house, she was there for us. She really cares about the 'people' who are the clients, she knows the whole family, even the dogs! Thank you, Pam! C/ST
Pam did a very good job under difficult circumstances. CR
Pam Arthun is a very thorough and professional agent. #1 Properties is fortunate to have her on-board. B/LJ
Pam was a joy to work with. She is a real sweetheart. S/DK
I love it! we had the best of both worlds. L/CW
Pam Arthun is a top notch agent and person! She worked very hard to close the deal. I could not have picked a better person for this deal. DE
Pam is an outstanding and professional individual and strives to do her best at all times. LCT
This is the third house bought or sold using Pam as our agent. I will continue to use her in the future. KL
Pam Arthun is a terrific agent. She is always willing to help with any question or problems that may arise during the buying process. Pam is very professional and courteous to the her clients. M/DC
We were extremely pleased to have a contract only two days after the listing made the MLS. We were very satisfied with the thoroughness of our agent. CBT
I think you did an outstanding job. It's unfortunate that you aren't in a business that we use daily, otherwise we would. If you sold pizza as well as houses, we would eat pizza every day. D/BE
Pam is the real deal! She's personal and the best! I've referred her to my parents, friends, and colleagues, and they have all expressed the same sentiments about Pam! A/JP
I wish Pam Arthun and #1 Properties were located in Colorado! MF
Pam is the real deal. She's personal and the best! I've referred her to my parents, friends, and colleagues and all have expressed the same sentiments about Pam. A/JP
I think Pam is a good realtor as well as person. KS
I think Pam Arthun did a fantastic job, and she was a pleasure to work with. JS
I am a repeat customer of Pam's- she is the best. I give her referrals every time I find one! M/JC
Town Coverage:
Cheyenne, Wyoming

Pamela Arthun

6106 Yellowstone Road
Cheyenne, Wyoming 82009 United States